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​Canadian Desi Arts and Cultural Club (CDACC) is a registered Canadian Organization which serves as a cultural hub and a collective voice for the East Indian Community in primarily located in British Columbia, Canada.

CDACC is founded with a sole purpose of serving the arts, cultures, heritage and community development.

With strong support from the stake holders, community members and volunteers we strive our best to promote local arts, culture and heritage through variety of programs and events such as musical shows, festivals, dramas, classes, and seminars both locally as well as internationally.

Our programs involve seniors, women, youth, children and individuals with diverse ethnicities and abilities.

CDACC operates on values of integrity, professionalism, excellence, inclusiveness, and a committed responsibility to serve the diverse members of the communities.

CDACC operates on values of integrity, professionalism, excellence, inclusiveness, responsibility to Members and the Community


To Provide stage for cultural events, programs of educational seminars to maintain and foster links with cultures of India, and assist thereby the integrated development of the individuals of East Indian origin, and provide opportunities to develop skills in performing arts.

Canadian Desi Arts and Cultural Club is an organization that provides a community voice for the community who bring their contribution to the development of culture, arts, and heritage in Canada, as fundamental to Canada’s quality of life.

CDACC collaborates with individuals and parties interested in achieving excellence in priorities such as, people, prosperity and heritage preservation, and embraces the ideals of equality, equity, freedom, respect for individuals and groups, as a principle fundamental to the success and growth of our Province and Country.

Cultural Heritage

CDACC creates inter-community activities and events, promoting Indo-Canadian cultural and spiritual values among other ethnic community groups and individuals.Cultural Heritage

Host performances and exhibitions on international arts, music and culture;

Host events and shows to promote performing arts including music, theatre, plays and other forms of artistic expressions.

Celebrate pride, dignity and heritage of world renowned artists through awareness campaigns, events and cultural shows

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